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Advent calendar with specialties from Vini Di Apulia

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Limited Advent calendar with wine and specialties

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The Advent calendar with specialties of Vini Di Apulia contains:

  1. Thur: toast with a bottle of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene extra dry. Awarded, fruity and stylish.
  2. Fri: a multi-award winning Etna Bianco from the famous house Planeta. It combines well with almost all fish dishes.
  3. Sat: how about a cooking evening with your family tonight, with a pack of Spaghetti Chitarra Pasta di Gragnano IGP and a can of Pomodori San Marzano IGP. The wine to go with it gives on Sunday :-).
  4. Sun: Enjoy the Oltremé Brindisi from the almost forgotten red grape variety Susumaniello with a spaghettata with friends, meat dishes, try it with chocolate if necessary, a bar gives on Monday. Oltremé Rubino 2018s has won several awards.
  5. Mon: a bar of chocolate, dark chocolate with baobab and moringa, with 57% cocoa content, which can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience, because fair. In the taste spicy. Can be enjoyed already with semi-dry red wines, because the chocolate does not taste too sweet.
  6. Tue: The 18 e 45 is a rosé wine from Lombardy. Goes very well with pasta with gamberi and cherry tomatoes with pesto.
  7. Wed: Our Appassimento from Conte di Campiano was made from the autochthonous Negroamaro grape varieties. It goes very well with pasta with meatballs.
  8. Thur: a high quality Extra Leggero olive oil that goes well with toasted bread alone or with fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh basil or origano.
  9. Fri: Our Papanero is a red spumante. It is a cuvée of grape varieties grown in Puglia. It goes well with goose, but also with panettone.
  10. Sat: Il Vascello is a white wine made from Falanghina grapes, which grow in the north of Puglia. It is a good white wine, well made, with a fruity and spicy taste. It goes well with fish dishes and meat dishes such as Saltimbocca alla Romana.
  11. Sun: In the second Advent gives a bottle of F Negroamaro from the winegrowers cooperative Cantine San Marzano. It tastes semi-dry, it goes very well with a roast but also venison.
  12. Mon: On Monday we recommend our Filone with candied pears, selected Christmas spices and Sicilian wild blood honey. It goes very well with the Papanero but also with a sweet or sweet white wine, like the Suyan Passito from Puglia or Moscato Spumante Dolce from Veneto. The Filone I recommend you to put in the oven for about half an hour at about 50°C, it is worth it.
  13. Tue: A pack of Gouda Biscuits with ripe Gouda.
  14. Wed: A whole special Aceto Balsamico of Riserva 15 Travasi. Can be enjoyed neat as a digestive (one tablespoon) or with strawberries and black pepper.
  15. Thur: a Piedmontese Barbera, the Laviglione Barbera d`Asti. Several times awarded, it goes perfectly with Carpaccio di Manzo (possibly dressed with our Balsamico Riserva 15 Travasi, see above) or with fresh pasta stuffed with meat.
  16. Fri: Fridays are often fish day. So what's wrong with a Lugana from the Lombardy side of Lake Garda like our Lugana Sorgente.
  17. Sat: a metal tin with three different artisan Italian cookies, each individually wrapped. The tin can be used again and again for pens zBS.
  18. Sun: the third Advent is here, the third candle is lit. On this day there is a bottle of Primitivo di Manduria Riserva from Contessa Carola. Enjoy with a Sunday roast or with lamb.
  19. Mon: A rosé wine made from Negroamaro, Saturnino that tastes fruity and mineral. It goes very well with fish dishes as well as vegetable dishes, how about salmon roasted on the skin with zucchini casserole.
  20. Tue: Sparkling wine coming from Veneto, in the heart of Bardolino in pink our Fior di Rosa as extra dry.
  21. Wed: A bottle of Sancerre from the Girard family. With it I recommend Pesce al forno.
  22. Thur: Guttiau snack with Manzanilla olives.
  23. Fri: A high quality Prosecco Valdobbiadene from the Rive di Colbertaldo vineyard. I recommend enjoying this special Prosecco for a special occasion.
  24. Sat: On Christmas Eve, a bottle of Amarone from Giuliari Brothers and a Panettone with Sicilian lemons and Mananara vanilla from Madagascar from the Loison family in Veneto.

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